Potential swap: Krupa COB Slingerland and parts Acrolite. 14" 70s New Beats


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Jul 16, 2010
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I have these two snares lying around and I just have no use for them. The Krupa one is just too high end sounding for me. It's retrofitted with a Trick strainer. 5x14.

The Acrolite is literally as described. It's one of the painted gray ones, blue/olive badge. Kinda rusted. I have the original strainer but it's junk; I do have a new one but it didn't come with screws.

The New Beats are seventies, pretty heavy. I don't need that.

I'm not super sure what I want/need, but figured I'd post and see if anyone has anything they'd want to swap with. The first drum I'd swap especially with anything, especially snares. I'd also consider trading multiple things or with $$$ for some 15" hats of some sort. I currently use 14" K Dark hats and need more sound.

Pictures later.
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