Questions On Thinning The Heard


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Aug 5, 2005
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I am getting on up in years (72) and have a lot of drums. The wife thinks I need to star liquidating to some degree. OK, here is the dilemma: what to keep and what to move. Most of my stuff I don't care to move, but some of it I'm having a really hard time with. I have been collecting Slingerland mid-70s three ply blue glass glitter drums since the early 80s. I have 19 pieces which includes two bop kits and various other sizes and they are all in pristine condition. I also have a five piece USA Custom bop kit, 10,12, 14, 18" bass with matching snare. There is a 120th Anniversary Gretsch bop kit in Champagne sparkle #8 of 120 made and also a red sparkle Catalina Club bop kit. The big question is if I was to keep only one set, which one? I have 20 and 22" bass drums with the Slingerlands, so larger bass drum sets can be thrown into the mix also. Don't just consider bop kits.
Since you just play at home, I'd say keep the one you play the most or the one that has the most sentimental meaning for you.

You can ignore this part: If you still planned to gig, I'd say think about what kind of gigs you'd be most likely to play from here on out and either keep (or put together from what you have) a kit that is most suitable for those kinds of gigs.