Really Nice Bookends! The Tama STAR Reserve Hammered Copper and Aluminum Snares

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Mar 5, 2017
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Hey folks, Ive not posted a new thread in a while and wanted to catch up with a quick shout out to TAMA for their stellar Metal Reserve STAR series drums.

But first, I want to explain what brought me to such sweet drums. Like many others, I enjoy buying, selling and trading drums and snares specifically. I love always having a new sound, shell material or size to explore and experiment with but this has led to a rather large turn over of drums in the past few years. Here is a screen shot showing the snares Ive sold in the last 3 to 4 years....


This does not take into account the drums Ive kept... but as I am getting inevitably older (pushing 60) I have had a real desire to slow down the revolving door and truly find those instruments that will comprise my core collection. I'm now moving into that phase of collecting where I'm more interested in the overall sound and quality of each instrument rather than the quantity on them. I did not target a specific number for the overall total, but I knew from past experiences that 10 is a good number for me personally. Any more than that and drums start to languish in cases rather than being played. So I set out on a quest to select my "forever" snares drums and I am happy to say I'm around 80% there. so that brings me to the title of the thread... These two drums are the book ends of my collection moving forward...

20210716_014050 copy.jpg

2018 TAMA STAR 6 ½” X 14” Reserve Copper TSC1565H
Early model (around serial #10) built in Japan and hand hammered on a 1.5mm rolled shell

I picked up the copper version several months ago and since copper is my favorite alloy for a snare, I was thrilled with the results (this can be heard on my drum cam video in the video section). It's an early model and beautifully crafted with a warm depth and pleasant articulation.

20210130_232935 copy.jpg

20210130_210205 copy.jpg

20210130_232532 copy.jpg

And now, my newest addition.... the extremely unexpected Aluminum sister snare...

2021 TAMA Star 6 ½ X 14” Reserve Aluminum TAS1465H
No. 7 in Star Reserve series, also a VERY early release, 1/13/21 (possibly inside first 10 made) built on a 3mm seamless shell.

This one is only about 4 dates old and its completely different from any other aluminum snare I have owned. It's amazingly fat and "swampy" but 10' away, it still has a dry, cutting crack!

20210716_013306 copy.jpg


20210716_013017_002 copy.jpg

So while I am now currently at 10 snares (again, my "target" number), I know that a couple will most likely sell to pave the way for a few more new additions, but these Japanese made STAR'S will be a permanent part of my drum family till the end. Thanks for the look, it's fun to share new toys with you all as no one in my house gives a rat's tail for what I may drag home!

Happy Drumming gang,



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Feb 1, 2020
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Hi my god, I'm like you, I started with the Plain Maple Star Reserve, following by the Solid Sedan and the Copper hammered has always been on my list. Then the aluminium came and it was another on the list...I won't have 10 snares for sure but in order not to have only Tama Star Réserve (Why not in fact??), I decided for brass, instead of the Brass Tama in 5.5 or 6.5 (Via DCP exclusive model), I just bought the brass Sonor Benny Greg signature model. I'm discussing with Summit drums for a 15X8 walnut to us it ad well as a floor tom, so, I will be 4 and your two new snares, could be the number "CB photo" (drummer her is at Drummerword as well) told me to start with to put 5 on a snare rack for 6 snares...
Your pictures are super nice too, thanks for sharing.
In checking your snares, it reminds me of a friend's ho had 75 snares a while ago and has started to all them to pay off a bit in advance his mortgage and also to clean it up for his kids to not have to do it in the future...
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Aug 10, 2018
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Very nice FD! I'm envious of you. I ordered my Star Reserve Hammered Aluminum back in March, earlier this year. I was hoping to receive it sooner... but anxiously await it's arrival. Once the aluminum arrives, and I make my usual changes, I will have a custom trio. If you don't mine me posting a pic, here are my copper and brass. This brass is the custom Drum Center of Portsmouth 6.5x14 version of the Star Reserve Hammered Brass... only 30 made. Your aluminum hammering POPS; I hope mine is as nice.