Recommend me a snare drum - pretty please?


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Jul 15, 2015
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So. My Birthday is next week, and I feel like treating myself to a snare drum. Not to mention that G.A.S. is once again rearing its ugly head.
I'm primarily looking at new snares. Metal shell, 5x14 or 5.5x14. Leaning towards Aluminum, but not really looking for a Supra or an Acrolite, per se. Bronze would be my second choice followed by Brass. I'm replacing a Gretsch Hammered Brass snare that I'm not quite jiving with. My style of music is primarily Rock, occasionally some Blues thrown in. My budget is around $500, but preferably lower than that.

My current considerations:
-Yamaha Recording Custom 5.5x14 Aluminum
-Yamaha Recording Custom 5.5x14 Brass
-Pearl Sensitone 5x14 Aluminum
-Tama Simon Phillips Gladiator 5.5x14 Bronze (Seemingly hard to find)

My current snare line-up:
-Pork Pie 5.5x14 Maple
-Doc Sweeney 5.5x14 Solid Cherry
-Tama SLP 6.5x14 Dynamic Kapur
-Ludwig 6.5x14 Supraphonic (Aluminum)
-Ludwig 6.5x14 Black Beauty

Hit me with your suggestions!
Noble & Cooley Alloy Classic 4.75x14
covers every sound / stays in tune / you'll never need another snare drum
only downsize is weight