Recommend me a Zildjian China


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Feb 7, 2021
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Good suggestion. Also the 19" K Hybrid chinas are pretty trashy. At least, they used to be.
I had a 19” hybrid China back in 2007 that I loved dearly. Played it heavy for a good 5 years before it cracked to the point of retirement. That was my favorite China ever, amazing overtones and quick, sharp raw attack.

A few years ago I bought another to replace it, completely different cymbal than the first. It’s rings out forever and overall pitch of the cymbal is nothing alike. Ended up selling it and an old 20” A custom Rezo crash and getting a 22 K Con MTL. Best decision I ever made!

Have also had a 20” a custom China that was alright. And an 18” Oriental that was great but cracked fairly quickly