Recommended Ride Cymbal for Small Jazz Kit?


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Aug 5, 2005
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Poulsbo, Wa.

Just found this video and thought you might be interested in seeing it.
It compares 3 Sabian AAX Thin Rides, but in different sizes.
A 20, a 21 and a 22.
Its a pretty good example of what kind of characteristics the diameter of a cymbal brings to the sound of a cymbal.

...FYI, "AAX" is the custom version of the "AA" series, which is Sabian's version of the A. Zildjian cymbal everyone here has been urging you to get into.
So, this might be a cymbal for you to consider, as well. However, my purpose for posting it was to show how the size differences effect the sound of the cymbal.



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Sep 30, 2019
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I really like my Bosphorus New Orleans ride:


David M Scott

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Apr 5, 2020
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Thanks. I will consider it!

I see you are using Evans Calftone drum heads. What do you use on the resonant side of your drums? Also, do you have any opinions on the bass batter and bass reso offerings? Is it conceivable to use an Evans Calftone Snare Batter on the Snare Side? If so, why as opposed to an Evans 200 Snare Side? This seems to be the product lineup:
  • Evans Calftone Snare Batter
  • Evans Calftone Tom Batter
  • Evans EMAD Calftone Bass Batter
  • Evans EQ4 Calftone Bass Batter
  • Evans Calftone Bass Batter
  • Evans EQ4 Calftone Bass Reso
  • Evans Calftone Bass Reso
In an effort to tame the volume of my snare being played in a small room, I installed an Evans Calftone Snare Batter drum head and an Evans 200 Snare Side drum head. I am also exploring sound control options such as overtone control rings.
This is not considered Kosher by many drummers but for Reso side on the 10in rack and 14in floor Toms i use Remo clear pinstripe. They are naturally a batter head and thicker than the Sonor/Remo Taiwan reso heads that came with the Sonor Safari kit but coupled with the Calf Tone batter heads they give a deeper sound. When i attach clamp-on external mutes I get that fat 70s thud sound aka. Don Henly, which i like so much. I've still to change the kick batter to Calftone or Fibreskyn and left the Remo pinstripe on but I muffle it for small and mike for large venues and it works fine... and saves me spending $50.00. On the snare I have a Remo Diplomat Fibreskyn batter I installed before i heard of Calftone and it works well especially for brush work. i have a Puresound 30 wire and the original Sonor reso and it works well also. The snare is a 14in but only 4in thick so in effect its much like a piccolo... it snaps. I just took delivery of a Mapex 5.5 x 14 inch Brass Cat and i cant believe how easy it is to play. I'm guessing that the narrow 45 degree bearing edge has a lot to do with the rebound and the steel Mapex snare wires make press rolls a dream and my old arthritic wrists and fingers as most grateful. It came with a standard Remo Ambassador coated batter and clear Remo snare side so nothing special there. I plan to use it now for my main Jazz snare so will i go to a Calftone or Fibreskyn batter ? I'm doing a Jazz thingy next week so i should know more then. The Brass Cat is sure warmer than my heavy old 1969 10 lug chrome on steel Pearl that i use for Classic Rock so maybe i'll retire the Sonor. So many decisions and im 80 so little time left ! LOL

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