Record Roland on Mac using drum's module, via jack


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May 16, 2020
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Hi all, I'm very new here and quite a newbie in the electronic drums world as well, so I apologize if my question is overly dumb :)

I would like to register my electronic drums on Mac, using the sound coming from the module itself, rather than going through the MIDI output and use programs like Garage Band. Ideally I would like to record simply on Audacity.

The problem is simply that I cannot make my drum to be recognized by the Mac as an external input source.
I tried to get informed and read that indeed I cannot just plug a mic (or any other input, for as it matters) into the 3.5 mm jack port of the mac and get it recognized, but I first need to buy a Y cable splitter to split mic and headphones channels.
Nonetheless, not even doing so I'm able to see the drums as an external device.

My equipment is the following:
- MacBook Air, Mid 2012, with iOS 10.13.6;
- Roland TD-1KV (
- MillSO Audio Cable Splitter (
- a male-male 3.5 mm jack 2-ring cable (the only thing written on it is "AWM 2464 VW-1 80°C E154770 26AWGX2 LANSING 300V")

If I plug the double-male jack cable into any amplifier or speaker it works out of the box and I can hear the drums' sounds as it comes out of its module.
But I am unable to make my Mac recognize it (not with Audacity, nor with any other program, nor the system sound settings).

What am I doing wrong? Do I need extra equipment I am not aware of?
Many thanks for any help! :)



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Mar 10, 2006
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You need an interface, something you plug your drums output into, which then plugs into your Mac via USB. There is no way to get any computer to recognize the output signal from edrums without this.

Easy way to go is with an AudioBox. Google it, they're everywhere, about $100. You run output from your module into one of the inputs (or run stereo into both if you have 2 outs). You connect the Audibox to your Mac via a USB cable. You will need DAW software, such as GarageBand or Presonus Studio or something similar. Audacity should work. Some programs need you to set up your edrums as a recognized external instruments, others just take the signal directly.

Expect to do some tweaking, but that's the general drill. So, yes, you need to buy something else, you lucky dog.


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Dec 13, 2007
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Regarding interfaces; if you need to record acoustic drums the Behringer UMC404HD allows you to use four mics. I’ve used it on my 2010 iMac, using Audacity/Reaper/GarageBand.
It’s the least expensive interface with 4 inputs ($200)
Focusrite also makes popular interfaces (there are lots). See helpful videos on Ytube.

I‘m currently using an old Roland UA25, has two inputs and midi, it was free;)
Both GarageBand and Audacity work fine using it on my iMac 2010 High Sierra OS 10.12, 12 gigs Ram terrabyte HD and another terrabyte for backups,
*you will need to learn GarageBand (or Audacity, Reaper, Studio one, or whichever DAW you chose)
good news is GarageBand is pretty easy (and is free) will get you started.