Recording drum tracks

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Jan 8, 2019
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I picked up a Focusrite 8 input Scarlett, had all the mics etc...
Thing is, what really hurt me when moving to new cities was not having professional tracks for self promotion. I have some old ones I did in 1 take, and won't share it, and live footage, but recorded through a phone. I will use live vid, but I've been wanting to record my own drum tracks, hacks, covers, and lessons.
Thing is, I'm just about computer illiterate.
Anyway, I realize I'm not going to learn the DAW, and figure all that out. It's not me.
So I returned the Scarlett, and got the latest Tascam 8 input 24 channel Portastudio.
I looked online for vids on how to record drum tracks on it. No luck. Just some guy with a British accent confusing me more.
Anyway, anyone use one of these for drum tracks?
Will I be able to mic my kit, and figure it out? (I'm not big into reading owners manuals)
Can ya get a good mix using the Tascam?
Hope someone knows this machine.

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