Replacement for Sonor lugs w/ 2" screw spacing, or a hig-ten/tube lug w/ 5.125" spacing?


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Jun 11, 2020
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I have an 8x14 Eames Master Model that was built w/ 20 lugs w/ approximately 2" screw spacing (but more like 48mm center-center?). I bought it used with Sonor Phonic lugs.

I want to swap the lugs, because (feel free to point out where I'm not thinking clearly about #3):
1. I have no other Sonor drums,
2. the tension rod thread is different,
3. the swivel nuts in these lugs have a larger square base than other lugs I've seen, so replacement nuts wouldn't sit as tightly,
4. maybe someone would really appreciate the Sonor lugs and I can replace with something function and consistent with the rest of my drums.

Also, it's probably worth noting here that the screw holes are quite small, and if I had to enlarge them I could flex a mm or two to accommodate different spacings.

1. Most of the lugs I've found with 2" center-to-center screw spacing are the old Pearl style that I'm not interested in using. Are there lugs with 2" spacing that any of you are particularly fond of? I've mostly just found bass drum lugs that I worry have too large a gap between the shell and the swivel nut (thoughts?).
2. The overall spacing is 5 & 1/8" - that is, there are four inline holes, two for each lug, and the over center-to-center of the outside holes is 5 & 1/8". Again, because the holes are small I could probably adjust spacing a little. I'd be totally happy with full length, hi-ten lugs. The shell's about 1/2" thick so I'm not concerned about lug mass and contact compromising tone :) . So far I've found nothing matching that spacing.

Thanks in advance for any/all feedback!

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