Rescued Tama Stagestar kit

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Aug 20, 2008
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I brought another kit that was destined for the dumpster back to life.
A local school was getting ready for a charity fundraiser when the band instructor found this used & abused Tama kit tucked away in the back of one of the instrument storage closets. She gave me a call, (since I had done free drum repair & tuning for her in the past), asking if I wanted to look at them. The kit was missing the bass drum spurs, the double tom mount, half the bass tension rods & claws, the royal blue wrap was gouged & bubbling up on all the shells & the heads on all the drums were dented, split or both. It appeared to me that the Jr. High drummers had tried to use the kick drum as a marching bass at one time. The kit couldn't be played let alone even set up as it was, and I think she knew that. I asked her what she was going to do with the kit and she said, if you will do some more drum tuning & work with my drummers, you can have it. Otherwise, it's going in the dumpster.
I didn't get any BEFORE pictures of the kit after I got it home, but did find a photo on the web showing what it looked like originally. The rest of the pictures are from the bare shells stage on. I had a spare Tama double tom mount that fit & made replacement drum spurs out of round steel rod stock. (The original spurs have been discontinued by Tama). I put Ludwig style winged claws & T-rods on the kick along with new solid Maple 18" hoops. (the black metal originals were egg shaped & didn't fit right). Sanded & painted the shells a light Maple \ cream color with a clear gloss poly topcoat. New heads all around, the new Tama Classic HP-50 adjustable height kick pedal, and this little Bop kit is ready for the stage.

Kick: 18"
Floor: 14"
Rack toms: 10" & 12"
Snare: 13" Ludwig Maple Piccolo

s-l640.jpg IMG_0253.JPG IMG_0254.JPG IMG_0258.JPG IMG_0270.JPG IMG_0271.JPG IMG_0274.JPG IMG_0269.JPG