Ringo Plays the Roll


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Aug 7, 2005
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Amazing (well ....if you never thought about it much..it's maybe time to think about it...

The press roll during the horn fanfare to "All You Need Is Love" 'taint Ringo — it was played by a percussionist when the orchestra's part was pre-recorded.
Not according to The Beatles Recording Sessions, page 120: "...we overdubbed a snare drum roll by Ringo for the song's intro..." according to Geoff Emerick. I know that some people take issue with some of his recollections, but until I hear something more credible, I'm going with that. Studio one at EMI, overdub onto the original take from Olympic.

Check this Link - read all ...and scroll.. and when you get to the very bottom

"ol Dan" might be correct:---> Audio etc. is there ---->

if so) The most amazing (ie "structured") drumming of Ringo ever!!!(maybe maybe not) "Starts on 2 and ends on "3" 2 measures later" (jda) " sure sounds like Ringo's snare"

"Since this is the basic role of a classical percussionist, and Ringo had no previous training in classical percussion, we should once again marvel at his ability to evolve in the recording studio and meet the needs of the composers. As a child growing up in WW2 England, he was probably regularly exposed to this type of music on the radio but the opportunity to perform it was probably non-existent. Listen to the strong accent on the entrance, the smooth flow of the strokes and the tapered ending. This part is well executed and effective.
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Aug 6, 2005
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That was a fun read, thanks. I've always assumed that was Ringo. It's way better than the roll on Nowhere Man (he improved? They did more takes?), but it doesn't sound up to orchestral standards, and it really does sound like Sir Richard's snare.
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