Rogers experts, did I get a deal?


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Oct 27, 2007
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I'm really itching to play this puppy. I have a gig with my Petty band next Saturday but a 20" bass drum and Petty??? Just doesn't seem right. We'll see.
The Rogers 20" kick is extra special. Has more punch than you'd expect. Go for it Dan!

slingerland 59 R/K snare

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Dec 19, 2018
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Springfield Ma
Not sure if you saw my thread in the General section, but in case not, I picked up a 20/13/16 red sparkle kit today for $750 in pretty good shape. Here's the kicker, the toms are Dayton's and bass drum is Fullerton. A little rash on the 13 and the previous owner put a second Rogers script badge on the 13. I kind of like that but I know that affects the value. I don't care really.

Also, the bass drum rods have the old Dayton./Cleveland T rods, not the Fullerton's. Like I said the wrap is in good shape except for rash on the muffler panel, but it's not too bad.

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Dan you did well. As you now these drums are much sought after. Rogers was always on the top of my list. Then Slingerland. By my research Rogers always fetch more $$. Back in the early 60`s that was my first color in drums red sparkle. It may have been a Camco. Enjoy the kit.