Rogers Hihat on Ebay


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Dec 31, 2008
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Fort Stinkindesert, NM

The plastic part at the top of the upper tube on my Rogers Supreme hi-hat broke and so I'm looking to get an upper tube with the plastic piece in working order. I found this one on Ebay and emailed the seller with several questions.

1. I can't see the ribs on the lower portion of the upper tube. Are they there or is this a replacement tube?
2. Is the plastic piece at the top of the tube complete or is it broken? It is hard to see from the pictures.
3. It appears that the tilt screw is missing from the plastic piece at the top of the upper tube. Is this correct?

The response I got was that he is just reselling it and knows nothing about it. The pictures tell the story. End of message.

I asked if he would remove the upper tube and take a picture of it to demonstrate if it has the ribs. I also asked for a close up of the plastic piece at the top of the upper tube. So far, no response. Am I being unreasonable or do I have a reason to be suspicious of this sale?


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Mar 3, 2016
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The South
That is what makes this place awesome.
I was feeling bad because I gave away a classic Rogers hi-hat 2 years was in perfect condition and I think I bought it in 1976.