Rogers three ply shells


Aug 10, 2005
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Richmond, Texas
Here ya go.

OMG! I forgot how contentious that thread got. It was more about all the layers being birch and not maple/anything. I hate reading my posts in that thread! Still some good back and forth in there. Ace
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Aug 5, 2005
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Somewhere in Florida, behind a Rogers kit
I seem to have an anomaly of a drum here. I have a 13" Tower rack tom that has all the signs of the Jasper made shells - the thick and long rerings, the three-ply shell with three-ply rings, BUT it has the sharp bearing edges. With beavertail lugs.

It's important to remember that Rogers was basically a boutique drum company out of a little town in Covington, OH in the early 60's. They had stuff lying around that they would use well after they "technically" moved onto something new. Like the Cleveland era tags on Fullerton era drums, with the model scribbled out and rewritten by hand next to it.

I've concluded they had this extra Jasper shell lying around, so they put the new bearing edges on it, as well as the new beavertail lugs, and sent it off with it's matching drum set - both of which have the three ply Keller shells and sharp edges. The tags date it to 1963/64, and the drums have an engraving in the shells that say "Board of Education - NYC - 1964." Also worth noting that these drums have an outer Mahogany veneer, which makes up the third, outer ply (unless the outer veneer is just a stained maple, I'm not sure.)

So yes, there is a timeline to follow, but remember that sometimes there are some anomalies out there, especially with Rogers!

I believe this is correct. That rering and the glue oozed out from under it looks exactly like every other Jasper shell I've worked on. Rogers had a philosophy of using everything up, especially in the early days, and nothing was wasted if possible.

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