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May 29, 2019
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Cohoes, NY
I don't know if you've seen this but an 18" roto tom option is now listed on the Steve Weiss website. They're not yet in stock but since I've not seen this listed before (the largest size they previously listed was 16"), I assume its something that's incoming.

EDIT: This is weird. I just went back on the Steve Weiss website and the 18" rototom that was there yesterday is no longer listed.
Thanks for the heads-up!

Those Stevie 18" rotos come
and go quickly because that size
is rare****
(The actual Remo brand 18" is rarest,
fetching heavy cash in the aftermarket).

****rare ...because many drummers
who use them keep a watchful eye at
Steveweissmusic. They type that roto
in the search box and opt for email
notifications when the 18" becomes

The irony is that roto-toms aren't in
demand as they used to be, especially
the larger sized rotos.
A majority of drummers don't want em
because they sound and look retro,
and their stands look too bulky to fit
anywhere around the drum kit
due to the large floor space their
stands are taking up.
Also, not many roto-tom drummers
are aware that custom adapter mounts
exist, and so they go on thinking that
Remo has never pursued any hardware
upgrades for them.
And another reason why many drummers
don't want roto-toms: they break easy,
because their spokes are made of
some kind of cast iron or aluminum.
Once a spoke breaks, the entire roto
is useless unless a replacement part
can be found in the Used market.

The Stevie roto-toms are cheaper
than the aftermarket Remos; they get
snatched up while the rest of us are
lagging busy bookmarking them. lol

Stevie now has the 12/14 roto set
back in stock.
He will not sell either roto individually
except for the 16" and the 18".
They all come packaged with their
stands and rail bars...

The stands for his roto-toms are much
better than the classic Remo stand
with the aluminum block head mount...

But still, the custom adapter mounts
that are hand made and machined
by private individual parties are so
much better than Stevie's roto mounts.

In any case,
has the best deal (on rotos) by far.
Meanwhile everyone else is asking
top dollar for larger vintage rotos.


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May 29, 2019
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Cohoes, NY
Zombie thread.

I finally got to play and hear my
Roto-toms on stage this past
Friday evening...

... my kick drum and snare drum
were close-mic'ed.
And just one overhead condenser mic.
The result was crisp and punchy.

Roto-tom heads are the Remo
Coated Emperor batter heads
for my 14" and 16" roto-toms.
They're the only roto-toms on
my rack, while my floor tom is
an acoustic wood shell Tama
Rockstar DX 14" hanging floor tom.

As long as I remain consistent in my
tuning whenever I replace new heads
on the roto-toms, and stage mics,
I'll have a good live projective sound
in the mix.