Sabian B8: 20 inch as a crash?


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Jul 23, 2011
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I believe it is common knowledge that the Sabian B8 has undergone numerous changes - several generations since first appearing in (late 80s?)

I have stumbled upon a few other drummers who agree with me that sometimes you can find a great sounding Sabian B8.

Let me immediately specify that I am NOT including Sabian B8Pro. It is my understanding that they are a completely different model - and I would even guess it might even have a slightly different alloy composition (just a hunch).

Anyhow - I am wondering.....let me ask 2 questions:

1) Have you ever found a 20 inch Sabian B8 cymbal that crashes well? I am not talking about an average 20 inch RIDE. I am wondering if they ever made any 20 inch crashes, or 20 inch Crash/Rides, or if anyone has ever played a 20 inch Ride that was light/thin and thus crashed well (yet still designated as a "Ride").

2) If you can answer yes to #1, would you have the guts to admit it publicly in this thread?
(Yes, an implied point I am trying to make....but indeed feel free to share. Good sounding Sabian B8 cymbals: They ARE out there. I just am not sure about the 20s)

BTW - Yeah, I am aware (and a fan) of Lance Campeau. He LOVES 20 inch Sabian B8s. At the same time, I am not asking about what COULD be done with a 20 inch Sabian B8. I am asking about something that left the factory with a great crashing ability (better than the typical Ride model).

PLEASE include WEIGHTS in grams when sharing about a particular 20 inch.

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