Sabian Bonham sized pies and a couple others


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Aug 7, 2005
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Council Bluffs, IA
Same deal as my Paiste post. My gigging days are winding down and I'm looking to move these cymbals with little to no fuss. I'm happy to answer questions if necessary. All prices include shipping in the US.

Make offers if you'd like but not looking for trades as I'm desiring to reduce my stash.

Sabian 24" Bash ride, 3190 grams, brilliant finish. Wonderfully lush sounding ride with no issues at all. Asking $230 shipped

Sabian 20" APX crash, 1710 grams. My attempt at acquiring Sabian's version of the Paiste sound. It's a crisp and clean sounding crash that excels at medium to higher volumes. Excellent crash riding (if that's your thing). This one is in fantastic shape. Asking $160 shipped

Sabian 18" APX crash, 1370 grams. This one is the companion to the 20" and they pair together nicely. This ones got a bit more wear than the 20" but no funny business here. Asking $130 shipped

Will package both APX crashes for $275 shipped

Sabian 15" HHXtreme crash, 720 grams. Light and airy, I used this as a HH top for quieter gigs. No issues at all with this cymbal. Asking $110 shipped

Again, open to offers on all my cymbals.