Semi OT: UAD update woes


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Jul 4, 2020
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Today I had a small-ish window to play and record a bit of my newly "edged" Rogers Holidays. This set had been at my friend's shop since before xmas. I just got em back a few days ago.

I was REALLY looking forward to this.

But my sound card and its associated software (Apollo and UAD console) decided to just freakin' freeze. An update has been available for a while but what was supposed to be a simple upgrade became 4 full hours of force quit/uninstal/re-nstall//reboot/ still doesn't work... Repeat the cycle with previous version, lather, rince and repeat, for 4 hours.

I was about to put a fist through my screen when I fell upon a UAD forum post of a dude with exactly the same problem (and about the same computer build). So I followed his step by step instructions and Bingo!!! It works now.

But it's extra sucky that all of my "me" time for the day got gobbled up by some unwanted computer shenanigans. By now I'm so used to hearing my drums through my in-ears and signal chain processors that fully acoustic kits sound needlessly loud and somewhat "plain". Even if tuned great and played soft.

I always play with a bit of EQ and compression, not slammed, mind you but enough to give my tone a bit of that "finished album sheen". That way when I play with records, My sound don't stick out like a sore thumb.

At least I wasn't doing any real work. But it still turned a day I was gleefuly looking forward to into a festival of expletives.

Maybe later this weekend I'll have a quick window to play/record a bit...