Set of Zildjian K Kerope Cymbals: 15" hats, 20 and 22" rides


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Nov 17, 2011
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United States
I have an whole set of Zildjian K Kerope cymbals for sale. They are in excellent condition. No flea bites, keyholing or any other craziness. In fact, the hi hats are brand new, even the stickers are still present. The 22, however, has been drilled for one rivet, which really sweatens this one. Ideally, I'd like to sell the whole set but I'll take offers on individual cymbals. The 22 and 20 were bought together as a matched set, while the 15s were added later.
I'm going to charge a flat 35 for shipping. However, if you only buy one cymbal, it'll be less.

Here are the weights:
15" hi hats: 1032 over 1246
20" ride: 1998
22" ride: 2434
I will be out of town on beginning Wednesday, March 9th, until Sunday March 13th. So I won't be returning emails, responding to offers or shipping cymbals during that interval.