Shipping Alert from Reverb

Frank Godiva

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Dec 30, 2017
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SF Bay Area
Posted online from a seller in the EU on FB

Hey SONOR friends, hope you are all doing great! I just got this message from Reverb, they are monitoring this situation we are dealing with. I have many customer-friends worrying about their shipments etc. Things seem to be under control (yet) and my feeling is that global logistics will be the last experience serious impact, for several reasons. Of course, we focus on our safety, well being and money is tight, but if your are into trading, atm looks still OK!

Keep safe!

message from Reverb

We are closely monitoring shipping carriers
As of now, all major global carriers are maintaining their shipping operations. While there have been some minor shipping delays, we’ve seen that in general, packages are getting delivered to their destination without issue—even in the areas most impacted by COVID-19.

To ensure the most seamless shipping experience possible, especially when you’re shipping outside your home country, we recommend using UPS, FedEx, or DHL for all shipments. Visit our Help Center for links to the most current shipping carrier updates."