SKB Roto-X Molded Drum Case, 16 x 16 SOLD!


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Mar 10, 2006
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Southern Maryland, USA
Padded and lined. Very good condition, a few scuffs, and a little paint over deal on one side.
I gave it a clean-up with Spray Nine and a vacuum, no Armorall, what you see in the pics is the real deal.

Links for more pics: ... SKB004.jpg ... SKB005.jpg ... SKB006.jpg ... SKB002.jpg ... SKB003.jpg
I own bags and handle my own gear, I don't need this.

$50 + exact shipping & insurance (packing and handling is on me)
well packed, and out the door promptly, and a free key chain :wink:

PayPal or USPS MO
I would prefer to ship to 48 states, but we can work that out, it's your nickel

PM if interested, thanks,
Glen J

With a little luck I'll have a 22 x 16/18 Bass case available soon, waiting to hear back from SKB regarding a replacement lid.