Slingerland acquisition


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Sep 14, 2017
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Ohio Valley
Hi all,

I had been wanting to find a white marine pearl Hollywood Ace for about a year to add to the snare collection. I found one from a collector close by who was going to charge me a fair market price for the instrument kit, including the original case and stand. I always put a percentage of gig money aside for gear purchases, and was about a week from pulling the trigger on it.

This past weekend, one of my musician colleagues stops by my house with not only the exact Hollywood Ace I was targeting, but a matching 20" kick drum as well. He knew I was on the lookout and had these from a deceased family member. "As long as you play them, consider them yours." Blown away! I was so excited, I used the snare on the gig with him that night. He had some family members there as well, and they were pleased to see that it will live on in caring hands.

The badge and chocolate milk interiors on both point to around 1968. The snare is mint with the WMP in beautiful condition, with all original hardware. The kick drum needs some basic surface cleaning as well as the spurs.

In addition to the kick drum spurs, I'll probably be on the lookout for a 14" matching floor tom as well so I'll have a dope little combo kit for duo and trio gigs.

Thanks for reading - so pumped!! 4AC920BE-BDFF-45B8-BF29-1A90C1AD5EBB.jpeg 660FA81E-CA44-45E5-9B71-7773A32AFF31.jpeg 50C131D5-9B2D-4237-9BBB-895690B28FC6.jpeg