Slingerland Capri Pearl 20" Bass Drum -> Extreme Players Condition


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May 21, 2012
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Hey all,

I thought I'd post this here before resorting to eBay. I have a 20" Slingerland, Chicago badge bass drum with an extra hole, and cracked wrap by the spurs that has been repaired.

The drum itself is in nice shape, in round. The wrap is fairly vibrant as well. It looks like someone moved the rail consolette to the other side, using one of the holes that a cymbal holder would be. This created the extra hole you see in the photo.

Everything else looks original, down to the inlays (which, speaking of, there's an unusual number of "rivets" holding the inlays in place. Weird that the look original, just seems like a lot, though I'm no Slingerland expert).

I quick took some photos this morning, so if anyone needs anything specific I'd be happy to take more.

Date stamp year is super tough to read, but you can make out "Oct 29". I'm assuming this is late 50's/early 60's based on the badge.

Looking for $300 plus shipping.