Slingerland "Festival" Steel Shell Snare Without any Factory Muffler Installed ?

Speedy Keen

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Sep 27, 2005
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I recently got a Slingerland steel shell "Festival" snare drum with 8 lugs from Colorado. The drum was very dirty, but in line with many Colorado drums, it cleaned up well
and the metal parts were in good shape. I have owned and either sold or parted out about 15 of these "Festival" steel shell snares. They have been fairly common over the years.
What is unusual about this drum is that it was not drilled by the factory for a muffler. It came without the muffler and there are NO holes for it. Every other one of these , I have ever
seen had a muffler in it. I checked with about 5 various Slingerland catalogs and they always describe it as having a tone control. The drum is cleaning up very nicely. I included pictures with the snare side head off from both sides. You can see there are no unused muffer holes. I know this is not that big of a deal and perhaps barely of any interest. But it did strike me as an oddity, interesting enough to make this post. Does any one else remember seeing or having a Slingerland "Festival" with no factory muffler? The serial is #408518 and the badge is a black silver Niles , Illinois Slingerland badge.



May 27, 2018
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That is a weird one Tom.
I have a late 50s metal shell radio King that has no muffler either. I saw another radio king of the same vintage on eBay without a muffler and I asked the seller about it. He said he was the original owner and that’s how it came. I heard you could order them without mufflers or grabs it was just left off.