Snare Drum Purge - Premier Modern Classic, Slingerland RK, Tama Starclassic Maple


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Oct 26, 2010
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Ann Arbor, MI
Hey all -

Three drums up on the block today.

7"x12" Premier Modern Classic Birch. This was sort of a "gateway" 7"x12" Brady for me, I have a few 7"x12"s now, but this was the first. This drum is like new aside from one circular nick. Thin beautiful birch shell. I'll include the Premier RIMS-style mount for the drum too. You don't see these at all anymore, kind of a cool rare drum. $250.

5"x14" Slingerland Radio King. This would be a nice "first" RK if you want one on the cheap that sounds just like it. This one has the original wires which really make it sound like it should. Missing the muffler, top hoop is slightly out of round or stretched(?) and it looks like either Slingerland was low on parts or someone replaced the rivets on the gates - one gate is nickel. Weird but it sure looks like an RK hoop to me. Only the top is engraved. $350.

5"x14" Tama Starclassic Maple. Nice lacquer finish, maple shell with "sound focus"rings / rerings, brushed nickel hardware. The hardware has a few light pitting spots but the drum has been taken completely apart and is super clean. Looks new aside from that. $300.


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