Snare drums! Nearly mint 14" Canopus "The Maple", Yamaha Maple Custom Absolute


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Oct 4, 2005
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Up for sale are two nearly mint snare drums. I recently got married, and between that and holiday bills it's time to sell some gear. Both of these drums are near mint, with barely a flaw to speak of. Please PM or email with questions or interest!

I can include a barely-used 14" H&B Enduro Case (no foam) with either of these drums for an extra $40.

1.) Canopus 8 lug "The Maple". 5X14", I believe 10 ply shell. I purchased this a few years ago when I lived in Japan, and have barely played it; it's very similar to my go-to Yamaha Maple Custom (old version, not absolute) snare. Not much to say about it - these drums are the epitome of boutique craftsmanship; it's incredibly warm and full, resonant, and musical. The finish is beautiful. Die cast hoops. I'd like $400 shipped.

2.) Yamaha Maple Custom Absolute 5.5X14. Natural "vintage" finish. This drum as well is in essentially mint condition; it looks barely played, with an almost new coated Ambassador batter and the stock snare side head. I purchased this a few years ago, but I've found that my older Maple Custom snare is still my go to, and this drum needs to get played. Since Yamaha discontinued these drums a few years ago, they're becoming harder to find in this condition, and especially this finish. Don't miss out! Also hoping for $400 shipped.