So I decided to buy this now, because of the quarantine


Mar 24, 2020
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For a long period I was saving money to buy myself an electronic drum kit. I plannend to buy it when I had saved enough money, but that moment wasn'tyet there. But because of the quarantine now I couldn't resist to already buy one so I didn't wait for my money bank to be full. Did a lot of research on the internet and I set myself a budget of 1000 euro's. Also already have been to some shops to test some kits out. Finally the choice was between a Roland TD-17KL (950 euro's) or a second-hand Roland TD-25KV (1100 euro's). The 25KV was just such a good deal and more complete than the 17KL that I decided to go above my budget and buy the 25KV. I am really happy with the purchase: using it a lot these days and I love the sound that comes out of the Roland headphone. Making drumcovers on this kit is also really easy, so I decided to start channel where I upload some drumcovers by myself.

Did you buy any (drum)instruments or upgrades because of the lockdown/quarantine?

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