SOLD '70s Ludwig Vistalite 24" Clear bass drum

Rich K.

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Aug 5, 2005
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Savannah, GA
SOLD '70s Ludwig clear Vistalite 14 x 24" bass drum. Very nice 7.5 / 10 condition.
No cracks or extra holes. Original parts.
Drum was gigged, so there are some very light scratches or hazing in spots. There's some wear where the heads go on near the edge. On the top there's a little spot that looks blurry. I've tried to capture the shell closeups in the last few was hard to see with the camera. A couple of the lug holes have a tiny "starring" as seen in one of the last pics. Barely there...
I disassembled the drum, cleaned it with light soap and water and then polished the inside and out with novus 2. It looks very shiny and clean.
The chrome is clean. Some lugs are more pitted than others and the bottom ones had typical scratches and there's wear on the front of the T rods. Generally the chrome is nice for a drum that was gigged.
Has the original hoops with silver sparkle inlay. I think one hoop has been repainted. Comes with a clear / silver dot clean shape head and a used batter head.

I think that's it. Just trying to be picky as it's a fairly pricey drum.
Would like $450 plus shipping. I will ship in a heavy duty, double walled 28" cube box with extra cardboard and a ton of bubble wrap, so, depending on your zip, I'm thinking the shipping could be up to $150.
Would love, of course, to have a buyer somewhere in the GA, FL, SC area.
I have some more clear vistalites. Will be soon listing a 16x18 floor tom (recent, not vintage) and a 12, 13, 16, 22 and matching 5x14 '70s that's in OK shape.


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