SOLD: Gretsch Renown RN1 Gloss Natural Rock Config - 24, 16, 13


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Sep 1, 2010
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Denver, CO
Excellent condition. This is the RN1 version with die cast hoops and a virgin kick, before they switched to RN2 with the 302 hoops and the mounts on the bass drums. RN1 versions don’t come up often or hang around long. Close enough sounding to USA Customs at a price that’s hard to beat.

9x13 tom with GTS suspension mount included
16x16 floor tom with legs included
16x24 virgin bass drum - this sounds amazing. Possibly the best sounding, most powerful bass drum I've owned, but I have to downsize for a move! Includes a nice leather hoop protector ( I just added before realizing I needed to sell.


Listing a matching 16x18 floor separately.

Here's some info from a review when the RN1 first came out circa 2013.

The Renown series was devised to offer working drummers a sturdy, tour-ready kit with all the classic Gretsch appointments (30-degree bearing edges, die-cast hoops, rock maple shells), for a more manageable price.

The essential elements that comprise the Renown series—all-maple shells, precise 30-degree edges, die-cast hoops—have remained unchanged, but a select choice of upgrades was implemented to make these drums better functioning and more appealing to an even wider range of drummers. First off, Gretsch no longer uses the large, stop-sign-shaped Renown badge, replacing it with a round, two-tone, silver-over-black-nickel version that ties in with the company’s classic aesthetic while offering a rich and modern look. On the more functional side, Gretsch redesigned the GTS tom mount to be lower in mass but stronger, and it added vintage-style, round “T-Wing” thumbscrews to the mounts, as well as to the telescoping bass drum spurs and floor tom leg brackets. These classy-looking thumbscrews held the hardware securely and were super-easy to use.

The most significant change to the Renown series is the reengineered GTS tom suspension system, which is lighter and takes up less real estate on the drum than the previous version did. Instead of grabbing multiple tension rods at the point where the rods meet the lug casings, the new system features two horizontal bars that affix to the top and bottom of two lug casings via rubber gaskets and elongated tension-rod receivers. As a result, the new GTS mount is more stable, which means less bounce when you play, and there’s no strain on the tension rods themselves. The problems I’ve had with some suspension systems are that they cover up too much of the drums’ finish, extend too far off the drum, and are a nuisance during head replacement. The new GTS eliminates all of those issues, while still allowing the drums to sing with unencumbered resonance.






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Jul 28, 2006
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Big, loud, and beautiful! Perfect for a "modern music" gig where it's gotta look good on stage, too. Fit and finish are excellent!

And who wouldn't want the auxiliary 18?