*SOLD* Gretsch Round Badge Name Band Silver Sparkle Collecters Quality $1950


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Nov 1, 2009
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Eastern Shore, MD
Beautiful Mid 60s kit with almost zero issues. 14x20, 16x16, 9x13, with matching 5x14 snare. This was a one-owner kit in DC, before I acquired them a few years ago. Original owner babied them, stored them in naugahyde bags, and hadn't touched them in years.

All original, no mods, no extra holes, no funny business. Wrap is very bright and clean, with very little evidence of any fade. Definitely NOT ginger-aled. Chrome is in very good condition, with a few marks here and there on the die cast rims. Heads are typical tight fitting, but certainly manageable. The ambassador batter head on the 16x16 has been partially quarter-cut at the bead in order to give more flex when seating; this does the trick. Bearing edges are beautiful, original and unmolested, save for the chip described below.

Comes complete with the original cymbal arm, hi-hat stand (some corrosion on the tube), and Gretsch Floating Action pedal (sans the wood beater).

Here are the tiny issues for full disclosure -
- The bass hoops clearly could use a minor refinish, but they are only original once, and I'd rather the new owner weigh in on that, Happy to do it.
- The 9x13 has a chip on the inner ply reso side, does not seem to affect anything, pictured
- The 9x13 is missing its paper tag
- I re-glued the edge on the 9x13, was lifting a bit
- The 16x16 wrap edge is lifting a tiny bit at the center, but not enough to warrant action
- The FT legs are showing some plate loss, and one bolt has lost an ear, pictured. Legs slip a bit in typical Gretsch fashion.
- The tom reso rods look to be replacements.
- There are no washers on any of the snare tension rods
- The snare has no silver sealer, but clearly it is factory
- The snare throw has some plating roughness, but functions well

$1950 pl/sh; I am an excellent packer/shipper.

This is without a doubt one of the cleanest kits I own (I have over 20 kits), but dang it I'm a Rogers guy, and I just need to come clean and admit it. You can look me up on Reverb (levelpebble) and see my perfect selling reputation and feedback. Additionally, my son and I have had booths at both the PA and DE Drum Shows this past year (Sagaser and Son Vintage Drums).

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