sold in record time!Rogers Dayton Holidays blue onyx agate



I have got a set of Rogers Holiday's made in Dayton in blue onyx or agate.
Here are the sizes:
14 x 22 kick with 2 knobby cymbal holders
14 x 20 total virgin kick
2 9 x 13 toms
1 16 x 16 floor tom
1swan leg hihat stand in PRIMO shape
1 flush base snare stand
1 double tom stand
Everything is Rogers
New aquarian stx's studio heads on the toms with new evans reso's
On the kicks I have superkick 2's that are new too.

This set sounds great....the toms resonate for hours and the ft is one of the best I have ever heard.
here is the good bad and ugly....the 20 kick will need a new hoop, I have enough extra t's and claws for it. The 22has a hoop but it is incorrect....metal it needs 2 hoops and one set of tees and claws. The hardware is good but not superb, there is very mild pitting on lugs

I want a 1000 bucks plus shipping.

This is the color and the right series and town!!
If you could find another ft you have 2 sets potentially and these babies command the best rogers money!

pics in the am