SOLD Just the 14" shell, rims and lugs still available Rogers Big R ('76) project toms 12x15 and 10x14

Rich K.

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Aug 5, 2005
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Savannah, GA
SOLD Update: Someone took the 15 with the better memriloc tom mount, so I still have the 10x14 shell with lugs, rims, a few Rogers tension rods (and the very rough memriloc tom mount if you want it). How about $50 plus shipping?

Pair of Rogers Big R ('76?) toms. I'm pricing them as recover / projects. They are the "metalic silver" color and might be made to look acceptable if you wanted to keep the wrap. The 10x14 has a spill of some sort that might be cleaned or buffed out. Both have scratches and dings from use and both have serious seam lift.
Each drum has decent lugs, some are pitted, some look like they can be cleaned nicely. (I had a white set that you can see in the sold section that came from this same sale, and the chrome came out nicely when cleaned and polished up.)
Both have memriloc mounts. The one one the 14 is ok, the one on the 12x15 looks too pitted to restore nicely (at least for me).
Both drums have both rims. One of the rims on the 15 has a lot of rust...check the pics.
I had 24 correct tension rods, so I put 12 on each drum.
The shells and edges look nice, and I'd think they'd each make nice floor toms for a project set.
No stand or other hardware included, but I have one Memriloc tom arm I could throw in cheaply if you take either or both.
Would like $90 each or $160 for the pair plus shipping. Please send me your zip for shipping quote.


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