SOLD Lot of Slingerland spur mounts and floor tom leg mounts

Rich K.

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Aug 5, 2005
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Savannah, GA
SOLD Since I'm down to just one Slingerland set that's not getting much use, I'm selling my backup stash of spur mounts and floor tom leg mounts.
These are all mid '60s to '70s, pretty sure. They are in player shape or worse... selling as a lot.
There's two pairs of spur mounts with backing plates. They have the wing screws and backing plates. Player condition. These four seem to work, but assume you are getting these to make one nice pair. Haven't cleaned them. Some pitting as seen in the photos.
There's a 3rd pair that has a helicoil attempt on one I think, and the other needs to be tapped for sure. No backing plates. Some assorted mount screws are on the back...different heads and lengths...just as spare parts.
There are two floor tom leg mounts that both need to be retapped.
Think of these as spare parts, for backup or projects and not to complete a showroom set.

Will sell the whole lot for $60 OBO plus $14 for US shipping. Thinking the price is fair for one nice set of spur mounts and the other stuff is free...
Please email if possible as I don't get pm notifications like I used to.


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