SOLD! Ludwig 1970-72 Supraphonic & Acrolite $475 for the PAIR


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Feb 12, 2016
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Since the last deal went so swimmingly well I have another.

Sale for the pair. Acro originates from high desert dry climate and has excellent chrome as a result. In summary, you won’t find typical pitting found in more humid conditions. The Acro appears collectors grade yet can use detailing to bring out the full shine and condition potential. It’s all original down to the washers and grease. Everything works. Supra has some wear/scratches/scuffs/blistering yet still an overall great specimen, especially when it comes to functionality, roundness, etc. Again polishing the hardware will bring out the shine. Strainer handle is likely from a later era based on length. It has a slight bend. Everything else, down to the washer, appears original.

-Acro 935xxx. Has Ludwig label (pictured through the grommet). Batter and Reso are original and also appear to have never been removed. Amber wires are original. Has the less common transition P85 that came with P83 parts. Drum was found stored in a blue felt tombstone case just the way you see it now.

-Supra 849xxx. “Anti Galvanic” ink stamp inside. Drum came with a Aug 1970 drum set. Heads are new Remo Vintage & Ambassador. 18 strand Ludwig wires present. Script butt plate.

CONUS Only. Sorry no trades. PayPal or Venmo. PM as needed. Thanks for looking/commenting.

$475 + actual shipping

Anticipate around $500 Shipped in the West and slightly more East. Very reasonable for two premium snares, fees, & shipping.



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