SOLD Ludwig '60s 16 x 16 champagne sparkle

Rich K.

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Aug 5, 2005
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Savannah, GA
SOLD Just got from a studio... loner 16 x 16 in champagne sparkle. Good overall condition. Color is strong. No extra holes. Keystone badge 427xxx. Baseball bat muffler lever is there but internal parts missing. Had no legs so I put on some generic incorrect ones that don't quite match. Color looks pretty unfaded. Not sure if rims are Ludwig. Top one is clean, bottom not so nice. All the tension rods look Ludwig; the top are clean chrome. The bottoms will need to be cleaned up and may be nickel (?). Top edge is fine... bottom edge is rough. If I keep it I will lightly sand it... Has the typical Ludwig "bump" at seam. Thinking of building a set around it, but will consider selling it. Will need a day of beauty and possible some parts...
Guessing around $300 is fair. Let me know... would rather sell it quickly than get attached to it.


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