SOLD: Ludwig 80s Supra 5x14 Very Clean!


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Feb 12, 2016
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Up for sale is a really clean 1980s Monroe Large Keystone Badge Supraphonic. I believe the shell might be Chicago made based on the vent/grommet hole position to accommodate the Blue/Olive Badge. This Supra is factory original down to the tension rods and washers. Snare wires and cord are Ludwig original. Batter and resonant heads are updated with Remo and are in good condition. The shell and hardware are in excellent condition. I can only detect minor imperfections throughout the drum and it is certainly absent of the horrific pitting conditions of other Supras in the market. Hoops do show wear and should clean up nicely however the batter hoop does have some chrome flaking. Both bearing edges are in excellent condition. P85 strainer and muffler operate smoothly. This Supra was found stored in the factory case complete with all the original contents and packaging, so again it’s pretty clean.

CONUS Only. No trades. Prefer to sell through Reverb. PM as needed and I’ll adjust price accordingly. Thanks for looking/commenting.

$300 + shipping



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Jul 28, 2006
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So I'd also guess, "early Monroe" - probably still had a big stock of B/O - drilled 5x14's from Chicago. But they had the (new) large Keystone in Chicago, towards the end. I have a Chicago large Keystone 6 1/2x14, but no prob. w/the sound hole because of the deeper drum. My drum, too, has little to no pitting, and no flaking at all. Your drum looks nice!

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