SOLD - Ludwig LM400 - Mint!


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Nov 1, 2012
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Omaha, NE
Because I'm stupid. Actually, besides that, I decided I wanted a COB Supraphonic instead, which I now have.

I have been known to buy a new snare, sell it, regret it, re-purchase, etc. This is my 4th LM400 and I already am missing it (sold). :-( I'm sort of going through the same motions with a 6.5" Copperphonic. I recently sold one to my stepson, regretted it and re-purchased another one. Almost sold that off recently as well and it is a 2021, but came to my senses (For now).

Did the same thing with a couple of acolytes and Black Beauties. Sold off a nice LM402 also. I'm really stupid.

I am trying to reacquire my third Ludwig Classic Maple 5", either that or a 5.5 Jazzfest Reissue if I can get a good price on either.

Wish I could keep them all, but looking to ultimately have just one metal snare and one wood snare. The 6.5" Copperphonic is the wild card. It is such a nice drum, but so was that LM400. Maybe I should just strive for a brass, copper, aluminum and wood. It's a sickness and they are all Ludwig snares, which makes it worse because they are all great snares. Damn you, Ludwig! ;-)

I'll get it figured out, but in the mean time, my loss is somebody else's gain because they are usually like new at a great price if I do sell one off. Sorry for the long answer, Mate. :cool: