SOLD: Noble & Cooley 6.5x13 Walnut Ply Snare Drum

Neal Pert

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Dec 30, 2006
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Hey, gang,

The great drum gear sell-down of 2020 continues. Now we are on to snare drums. I reserve the right to freak out and pull the listings of this one.

Noble and Cooley 6.5"x13" Walnut Ply Snare w/ case-- like new. PHOTOS HERE. Puresound wires. Although I haven't owned this one long, I'm only selling because I have too many of these things for my comfort. I have been incredibly impressed by the tone and the range of this drum which easily rivals the SS drums but with its own color and voice. I can't imagine any drummer not loving this drum and I am having a hard time talking myself into selling it. $559 shipped

PM me for PayPal info. Sorry, no trades.
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