SOLD Odds and Ends (BD riser and Throne Stick Holders)


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Sep 24, 2006
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Deltona, FL
All prices include shipping to lower 48. Paypal. Take everything for $90 $70 $50 or individually for the prices listed below.
$28.00 Kaces Greg Bissonette Seat Drum Stick Bag

I purchased this well over a decade ago and used it a few times, then into a closet it went. It is designed to fold into a stick bag for transporting it, but I have since forgotten how to do that. No issues and there is a LOT of life left in it. Plus it holds more sticks, mallets and brushes than most of us take on a gig.
$28.00 Regal Tip Drum Seat Stick Bag
I've owned this bag for at least fifteen years and used it briefly in my rehearsal studio. There are no issues other than dust.
SOLD $22.00 Gibraltar SC-BDPM 18-20" Bass Drum Platform Riser
This came with a kit I purchased a long time ago. I do not use risers on 18 inch and above diameter bass drums, so it sat in my parts closet for years.
SOLD $24.00 29 bass drum claws (13 classic/16 modern)
Cleaning out my spare parts and found these from years ago. Never used. The blue in the photo is my shirt reflected in the picture.
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