SOLD *** Pile O' Stuff! Aluminum Die Cast Hoops, Tube Lugs, 1" to 1/2" adapter & holder, etc...

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Mar 5, 2017
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Hey gang.... a small bit of "stuff" some cool, some filler but all in a single lot.... $75 delivered in the US

NOTE: The Aluminum Die Cast Hoops are not in the group pic but shown below

A) 14" 10 hole Aluminum Die Cast Hoops . these are decent, a little factory roughness and machining marks but the snare gates are smooth enough to not worry about cutting the cords or straps
B ) 10 single sided tube lugs, roughly 1 1/2" spacing
C) 18 single flange hoop claws
D) 4 adjustable bag / case straps
E) Gibraltar beater with single weight, fair shape on the felt
F) Tame hi Hat clutch
G) Set of triple flange hoops, 2.3 batter and 1.6 snare side. Top is great while bottom is OK
H) Gibraltar tom holder (I think it's a Gibraltar) but the cool part is a 1" to 3/4" (or most likely 25mm to 12mm) stand pipe adapter... it's rough looking but works great

Thanks for the look,

I am looking for a nice set of TAMA 8 hole 14" Die cast snare hoops if you are interested in talking about a trade of some kind. Or make offers for the parts you want.



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