SOLD, please move Yamaha Hardware - lightly used - excellent condition


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Oct 27, 2010
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Fayetteville, AR
Up for sale I have several pieces of Yamaha hardware.

(2) Yamaha 700 series boom stands - $60.00 a piece shipped

(1) Yamaha 700 series single stand - $54.00 shipped

(1) Yamaha 900 series snare stand - $110.00 shipped

(1) Yamaha HH Direct Drive HiHat with 2 pull rods $195.00 shipped

All the stands are in excellent condition and I still have the original boxes (I think) for a few of the pieces. Absolutely no issues, with the function or finish. I have also installed Pearl memory locks on each stand. This is an excellent upgrade if you gig - perfect setting each time. They are easily removed if desired. Some of the cymbal stands have never left my drum room. The others have been used very lightly.

I have 3 sets of this bullet proof hardware and just need to thin down the mix. I will be glad to offer a discounted price if someone wants the whole lot!

Price includes shipping to the Lower 48 USA only.

Thank you!


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