SOLD Rare NOS 15” GREEN Calf Batter with Box


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Aug 26, 2005
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Covington/Dayton, Ohio
Here is a very unusual head for you vintage collectors. An unused 15” GREEN AMRAWCO calfskin Professional batter head with box. The box is still intact. It is very hard to capture the true green color, but the color is very rich, and has a slight metallic tint.

This head may not be for everybody, but if You have a 15” L&L NOB Standard or a 50’s 15” drum, this head would make an amazing addition. It is literally like new, not dried out, and I wouldn’t hesitate to play it.

I am no expert on AMRAWCO heads, but would guess it to be from the late 50’s or early 60’s based on the sales pitch on the back that argues against calf alternatives. I have never seen another colored calfskin head. I would welcome any information about these heads.

$65 shipped. BTW, just saw an AMRAWCO box alone for sale for $35.