SOLD Rogers 16x18 Floor Tom - Butcher Block Wrap, Script Badge


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Dec 8, 2006
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Kansas City
I recently purchased a bundle of drums and hardware from an auction while visiting the Phoenix area. This orphan floor tom was part of the bundle.

The Good:
1970s Rogers
No extra holes
Wrap is clean with few marks
Edges smooth
Shell is in-round
18" size - BIG floor tom or could be a small bass

The Bad:
No legs (4)
No paper label
Missing one tension rod washer, two other washers don't match the other 13
Tension rods fairly clean but not perfect
Wrap lifting a little at seams
Batter hoop a little rusty, Resonant hoop more rusty
Light pitting on lugs
Tone control not Rogers

Good/Bad (depending on you): Butcher Block Wrap

I took soap and water to the shell, polished the hoops with chrome polish, gave tension rods a Dawn bath. I did not remove lugs or leg mounts, but they would benefit from a little more attention.

I am not well versed in Rogers, but know that someone will want this one. Everything but the tone control and the few tension rod washers looks right based upon my limited knowledge of Rogers. If you see something else, please let me know. Restore, use for parts, make an 18" bass drum.

Price $300 plus shipping from Surprise, AZ (west side of Phoenix). Local pickup would be great.

Questions? More Photos are available. Just ask.

Note: I have been accused of oversharing in my listings. It is true. If you are interested, I will send more pictures (10 is the limit here) so that you know exactly what you would be getting. I don't want any surprises and neither do you.