SOLD Sakae 6/1/2 x 13 Black Brass Snare Drum and extras

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Jun 10, 2016
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For Sale - 6 1/2 x 13 Black Brass Sakae snare drum.

I recently picked up a wood Sakae Trilogy snare and was so impressed by the sound and build quality, I went looking for more Sakae. I came across this 13" brass snare and thought "I've never tried a 13" snare, why not start with the very best?"

After a month or 2 of play, I am realizing I am not a 13" snare drum type of guy.

This realization did not come before buying a couple of snare wire sets (Puresound and Gibraltar) and a few heads...

Maybe you are a fan of the 13" size and are looking for a high-quality upgrade. Or maybe you are like me, wanting to try something new....

Excellent condition. No damage.

Pictures to follow.

Snare plus 2 extra wire sets plus 3 extra heads.

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