*SOLD* Slingerland silver sparkle floor tom - 14x14"


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Sep 15, 2016
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This is a players drum that has some issues and needs a lil TLC.

Pre-badge era. Silver sparkle wrap is nice and vibrant w/ really no fading. No muffler. One hoops is COB, the other is COS - both hoops are in round. Legs appear original and are straight w/ typical cosmetic wear [rubber feet may nor be original] Leg brackets are push button style and currently don't work and may need some parts. Repo brackets are available online. All tension rods appear original are in good shape.

Bearing edges are good. The inner play has some puckering and typical cracks [see pics] Outer ply probably does too, as there is some slight bulges under the wrap.

The bottom rering has areas of separation and head seats snug and it takes some time to get a decent sound out of it [though it takes "bop" tuning pretty well] An oversized head designed for vintage drums *may* remedy this problem, or you may have to re-glue and clamp the rering.

Has been detailed and looks GREAT!

$225.00, shipped to lower 48. If interested please MESSAGE me here - I don't always follow threads or get notices of comments.


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