-SOLD- SQ2 7”x14” Heavy Beech Snare -SOLD-


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Sep 6, 2020
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Sonor SQ2 7”x14” Heavy Beech Snare - Special Order

I custom ordered this snare drum through Memphis Drum Shop on 6/29/20 and the drum just arrived today on 3/1/21. It took so long that I no longer need it. This is your chance to own a special order Sonor SQ2 Snare with unique finish. It looks absolutely stunning in person and Sonor even posted this exact snare to their Facebook page a few days ago. I took it out of the box for pictures and I played a couple short drum rolls. It is still brand new from the factory. I have the original receipt. I am selling it for what I paid plus Paypal fees and UPS shipping costs for this sale. It’s as cheap as I can possibly go. I may be able to save a few pennies on shipping for somebody close. I am in 08534 NJ. PM me for more info...


UPID # -
1019584-2 (For SQ2 Configurator)
Serial # - 10128340
Diameter - 14''
Depth - 7''
Shell Material - Beech
Shell Type - Heavy
Shell Finish Outside - Black/Red Sparkle, Sparkle Fade High Gloss
Shell Finish Inside - Natural Clear, Protective Lacquer, Semi Gloss
Batter Head - Medium, Coated White
Resonance Head - Resonance, Clear
Hoop 1, Batter Head -Power Hoop, Chrome
Tensioning Screws 1, Batter Head - Square Head Screws, Chrome
Lugs 1, Batter Head - Single Lugs, Chrome
Snare Strainer - Chrome
SQ2 Logo - Chrome
Snare Wire - 24 Wires, Ø 0.5 mm, Bronze
Lugs 2, Resonance Head - Single Lugs, Chrome
Tensioning Screws 2, Resonance Head - Square Head Screws, Chrome
Hoop 2, Resonance Head - Power Hoop, Chrome

Shipping to lower 48 only.
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