SOLD *** Stuff for sale.... Pedal, Sticks, Snare Bag and Snare Stand

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Mar 5, 2017
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Marked as sold so the software will grab it and move the thread. Decided to hold on to the stuff, I came up with a dozen things I could use everything for once I posted the sale. I will throw the sticks on reverb.

Hey folks, just some miscellaneous items for sale. I will post a few pics of each in this opening thread and more in the second post since we can only do 10 pics at a time. Nothing amazing here but I may have something you are looking for so why not. These are not for sale anywhere else but if no one here needs them I may toss them over to Reverb or Ebay later. If my asking price feels high feel free to yell at me with an offer, but do remember that all prices include shipping in the lower 48 ( I will split shipping outside that) and I will cover the PP fees to protect everyone involved and we have no sales tax to pay.

Thanks for the look!

Gibraltar GTC6DD Tour Class Direct Drive Bass Drum Pedal
I'm a HUGE Gibraltar fan and even more since Reliance bought them. I always wanted to try a direct drive pedal and I wanted to give it a fair chance so I did not go cheap... paid solid bucks and bought this nice tour class GTC6DD. It's pretty darn cool but in the end, I am a chain and sprocket man so I bought the same pedal in the chain drive and offering this one up here. In VERY nice condition!
$80.00 Delivered




Dixon Medium class snare stand
I dont know the model or age but it's a solid stand, I just dont have a need for all these snare stands!
$30.00 Delivered



Humes & Berg Drum Seeker 5.5 X 14" Snare Bag
OK if I hold on to this one, I dont have many smaller H&B bags. It says 5 1/2" but it will easily hold a 6 or 6.5" no problem.
$40.00 Delivered



Regal Tip / Vic Firth 5 Pair used stick bundle
All used but roll straight and have a lot of great life left in them. Just not models I play any longer (well, I still play the Regal Jazz but in a nylon, I use a different wood tip). Lot includes 2 pair of Regal Tip JAZZ (one new pair), One pair of used Vic Firth Freestyle 7A, Steve Jordan and American General SD1 General.
$30.00 Delivered



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