SOLD Tama Classic Hardware Set.

Neal Pert

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Dec 30, 2006
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Hi, folks,

I'm selling the set of Tama Classic hardware-- two cymbal stands, snare stand, and hi hat stand with the Tama bag. This stuff is in near mint condition with just a little scratching from being carried in the case. I think I used these things on about 4 gigs, and that's it.

The sole reason I'm selling is that I've decided to go all-Yamaha with drums and hardware.

Two notable upgrades: I've switched out the Tama hi hat clutch with the far superior Remo clutch and I've added the Tama quick release cymbal stand tops. The original tops are included.

I'm also going to be selling a Tama Classic Bass Drum Pedal in the same condition. I'd give a great deal on that if the buyer wants it.

Come and get it, kids.
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