SOLD Tama Star Walnut in Satin Charcoal Japanese Sen 10, 12, 14, 16, 22


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Sep 6, 2005
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$3000.00. This kit is as clean as they come and is in mint condition. 1 owner, bought new and never moved from my place. Never gigged. I only played it for fun, and the drums sound fantastic. Selling to downsize my collection. Drums will ship in their original boxes in continental US for flat rate of $300. Local pickup available of course. The toms have Remo coated ambassador batter/ambassador clear resonants. Bass drum has a powerstroke batter/fiberskyn resonant. There is plenty of life left in the heads.

This sale includes:
10x8 Tom
12x9 Tom
14x12 Floor Tom
16x14 Floor Tom
22x18 Bass Drum
Two Tama Tom Mount/Cymbal stands

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