SOLD Two DW Double Tom stands $90 for the pair

Rich K.

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Aug 5, 2005
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Savannah, GA
SOLD Pair of DW double tom stands. These came with some 2002 DW toms I uncovered in a storage unit.
They had been sitting for many years and looked pretty bad when I got them, but had nothing to do yesterday and decided to try and clean them, and surprisingly they came out pretty nice.
These are players grade, just ok. They look better in the pics than they do in person. There's some pitting, some scratches and little rust spots in corners of the stands. They should work fine. One was missing a memory lock but I had a later one that I put on one of the stands. The key rod on one of the bottom memory locks is bent but still works.
These are not for your display photogenic DW set, but would be great for gigging, rehearsal space, backline, etc.
Only asking $90 for BOTH plus shipping, which depending on your zip I'm guessing to be about $30. Let me know your zip code for quote.


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